Postive Paring is the key to success . BATEC


Positive pairing has been a strategy that has been helpful to having students have a successful learning experience
Some ways that you can pair

  1. Hand picking based on your knowledge of the student
  2. Random Generators like Class Dojo

Does anyone else have a way that they can pair students?


I agree! I will have to go give Class Dojo a try!


I use decks of cards–you can pair by color, suit, number, etc. Plus if you have an uneven number of students I throw in a Joker card and whatever student draws the Joker gets to join the group of his or her choice.



In the past I’ve handed out clocks printed out on paper and the students got to fill in students for each hour, then I’d have them work with their “2 o’clock” partner on some days and “7 o’clock” partner on others, etc…

Looking forward to hearing more ideas!