Practice AP Exam?

Hi Glenn,

It is a task to find. You can access it by the following:

  1. Go to your College Board account
  2. click on your name
  3. click on “Dashboard”
  4. click on AP Course Audit
  5. There’s a tab towards the top that says “Practice Exams”.
  6. Open up that tab and you’ll see the agreement along with a practice exam.

Concerning 0 or 1 indexed arrays - the College Board has always said that there will be nothing on the exam that would trip students up with 0 vs 1 indexing. If you look at the sample tests, it’s never been an issue.

Greetings All! First year AP CSP teacher.
Has anyone used the practice AP Exam as a Pre/Post assessment?
We’re required to submit scores to the school and I was wondering if this Practice Exam would be the best option.
Is there a practice on their CB account or should I just use paper/pencil and lock it away?

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


Hi Jennifer,

Originally the practice exam was created to help students prepare for the exam itself, but it should give you a baseline for the AP. Using it now though, you just won’t have as many ‘fresh’ questions in the future for students to practice multiple choice before the exam. As a teacher who has completed the audit, you should also have access to previous year’s AP exams through the College Board Portal. The CB versions are not accessible by the students, so that would be something to print and keep in your teacher vault once its done.

Hi @jkuhowski,

I agree with @madeline_r_burton that you might want to save those questions for actual exam prep.

I would consider using the practice questions in the CED (purple book) as your pre-test. There’s only about 20 questions, so it’s not overkill like the ~74 question practice exam.

It’s not as secure, but :man_shrugging: . Not sure how much that pre-test counts for… I imagine it doesn’t effect their grade much since… it’s a pre-test. :neutral_face: