View the Exam (when)


1st Year AP CSP teacher here.

Does anyone know when teachers get to view the exam? Is there a specific time?


I suspect we (probably) won’t get to view the multiple choice questions. For my other AP courses College Board seems to release a secure version (through their site/audit)–it seems like it has been the international version the last few years. I think that we shouldn’t expect that for CSP, but there has been news about them releasing a test bank with the updated teacher tools this summer (I’m not sure if CSP is included in that). The Free Response part is posted to exam page within a few days–but for us that’s the portfolio, so it won’t get posted till at least after the grading.

Scores should come out in early-mid July.

You might also ask on the CB forums, I know that the AP people frequent them and reply pretty regularly.


They don’t release the multiple choice test. The students are warned against disclosing or discussing any of the questions on the test. There wasn’t even a new practice test released for this year in the secure section. I was hoping there would be so I could see more of the types of questions on the exam.