Preserving students & student progress in Sections (Units) for teachers


I would like to suggest that maintain student associations and student progress for multiple Sections and for any completed Units (my Sections) until the teacher releases the student. At the least, I would like teacher override before allowing a disassociation.

Until the year is over, I have to be able to prove where my grades come from. I also have to show formative/summative assessment methodologies for my evaluations. I lose all of this data when they disassociate. I have my grade book and many Activity Sheets, but I don’t have the details on the green progress bars or the details on the Chapter Assessments. I don’t suppose that I can print their certificates – but I haven’t looked into that.

My students are forced to disassociate themselves from me in order to start the next Unit (Section). Apparently they can only be associated with one Section at a time. When they do this, I lose all record of their progress.

I would like to see if you can change this so students can be associated with me in all Sections of AP CSP until the class is over. At least, I want to control their disassociation so I can screen capture (or whatever I need to do) before they jump to the next Section.

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Hi @nicholsonl,

I hear what you are saying. Can you help me understand a bit about your district/school requirements. For example, in more of a pencil/paper based class would you be required to hold on to all homework assignments students did or tests they took for the entire year?

Regardless, I will put in a request for this feature, but I wanted to make sure I understood what you needed.

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I don’t understand why you are making new sections for each unit. You should just be editing what unit the existing section is in, not making a new one altogether. If you do this, you can look at student progress for all the units they have worked in.


Well, that is interesting and useful information! I just assumed that, since the Section creation process only let me pick one Unit, the Section was tied to that Unit permanently. I had no idea that I could go in and switch a Section over to a new Unit once we were finished with the previous Unit. Assuming this is the case, it solves my problem. I just have to make sure they are all done before I switch over, I guess – although I think students can still work on a Unit that they have disassociated from. (This also avoids the exercise of having everyone disassociating and adding me back in as their teacher – although they are very good at doing this now that we are on Unit 5.) As you can imagine, I now have 20 Sections in my list. I guess I only needed 4. I will try this when we move to Unit 6. Thank you!


They can actually even still do work in previous units once you change it. It just sets the “active” unit that they see on their main page, but all of the old stuff is still there and accessible. When you view student progress in the teacher dashboard there is a dropdown at the top where you can select what unit you want to view their work in. Cheers!


Thank you for the help! (Had to be a 20 character reply.)