Problems with exported gamelab API & Possibly applab

Hello all, just double checking if others are having the same issue I’ve been having running my projects externally, the original way CDO had it was fine but the newer one has a file path problem with assets mainly music which causes them to fail my debugging breakdown is that it’s in the fixpath call other than that i have no other clues

here is the error

and here’s the code… did CDO do anything recently that would cause this?

Hi @varrience ! You have more experience than I do running CDO projects externally. If others are trying to do the same thing you are I am eager to hear if someone has experienced the same thing you have and/ or if they have found a solution.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to reach out to to see if they can point you in the right direction. Good luck!


I have and they are currently working on a fix I’ve patched the minified version myself and currently have a working version so it should eventually be fixed for everyone once the dev team patches the issue

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An update to any who read this thread, CDO does not handle any matter with exporting not working as expected, thus you will either have to manually reconfigure packaging each time or make your own custom exporter which will configure the code to run correctly there’s a lot more wrong with gamelab than applab issues when exported i may get around to finishing my exporter I’m working on but don’t hold your breath