Problems with Unit 3 Sprite Scenes


My students have been experiencing several issues this week when trying to create Sprite Scenes. Some of the issues:

  • Sprite scale is not working and will only show image full size.
  • When the sprites move they create a drrrraaaagggg effect. (We have gotten it to stop by removing sprite scale, adding sprite backgrounds etc . but there is not one solution to this issue).
  • The scenes are not showing on the student computers but are showing on the teacher computer.

I have checked and rechecked any and all coding and that does not seem to be the issue. Any help is appreciated.

Debi Gadek
Franklin Middle School



Can you share some code that this is happening with? I have some general answers but it might be something specific with your students code. As for some general answers:

1.) Generally you want to 1.) Create sprite 2.) .setAnimation of Sprite 3.) .scale sprite all outside of and before the draw loop. If there is a conditional inside of the draw loop that changes the scale, you can resize, but to setup the scene, I would do everything outside of the draw loop.
2.) Generally when the drrraaaggg effect is happening, it’s because the draw loop is drawing a bunch of sprites (which it’s supposed to do) but not drawing a background before each sprite. Think of a flipbook - you have to go to the next page and then draw the character, in GameLab you need to draw a background (the page) and then the sprite - the draw loop makes that really easy.
3.) The student vs teacher issue sounds like a bug and I would submit a report.

Hope that helps and share code if those above solutions don’t work so we can figure it out together!