Pseudo Code in mc exam


I thought I had seen a document with annotations on the pseudecode that will be used during the exam but I can no longer find it. Does anyone know where it is?




I think what you are looking for is in the ‘purple’ book starting on page 114.



Doe this answer seem right?


I think it would be the second one since the user will provide input after “What is your name?” and hit the enter key. That would output “Hello Karel” on a new line.


We thought A; based on using console.log( ); but the correct answer here is C. So we wondered if pseudocode caused it to be C. We looked through the reference list and it only has a sample of display used once. I think this question is probably just wrong.


It is confusing but based on the documentation for DISPLAY, “displays the value of expression followed by a space”, first choice would be eliminated. If we disregard, what the user is doing third choice would be correct.


Thank you! I see that now with your help.



The reference sheet says that the DISPLAY command displays the value of the expression followed by a space.

If a line return was implied as part of the DISPLAY command, the printout would have been:
What is your name?

None of the answer choices seem to consider how the input of the name effects the display.