PT Explore Practice at the end of Unit 4

It states that the sources must be “authoritative”. In my mind, that implies scholarly and peer reviewed. Is this correct? I don’t believe (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that this is what the College Board requires. Please advise. Thanks!

@jbelford my understanding is that you are correct - students don’t need to find scholarly articles. However, students should make sure their resources are accurate and don’t fall into the category of “fake news”. For example, I had a student who was talking about wind energy and that the wind turbines were causing global warming because they were disrupting the wind’s flow… that came from a fake news site… not an authoritative one like the AP or a real newspaper. Does that help?

Thank you, Kaitie. That was my understanding, as well. However, that term “authoritative” threw me. Do others agree that authoritative simply means credible?