Explanation of "One-Pager" is on activity guide for lesson 4.04



Hi Folks,

Just a helpful hint that there is a paragraph explanation of a “One-Pager” in U4L04 Activity Guide - Rapid Research - Data Innovations in lesson 4.04. You may want to include it in this lesson since it is the first time students have completed one of these!


Good idea! It is a new concept for most students.


Is there an exemplar for this one-page assignment? I think it would be helpful for students to see how specific the paper should be about the data collected and how it is consumed.


That is what I was just looking for. Trying to grade them. Specifically need help with the citing of sources.


I’ll ask if an exemplar is available, but meanwhile interpret the rubric as best as you can. Similar to the actual Explore Task, we and even the graders will need to use our best judgment in interpreting the rubric and sometimes it becomes subjective to some extent. I understand having examples is useful. If you think it would be helpful for preparing your students for the PT, have your interpretations err on the side of how the PT is graded.



Do the instructions for citing sources - found on the template - help clarify things?

What are questions you have about citing sources?