Explore Task Topic Restriction

I understand students may not use a topic for their Explore Task that they previously did a Practice PT for. However, I have two students who did Unit 4 Lesson 2-Data Innovation One Pager on a topic that they eventually decided to do their Explore Task on. Is this acceptable?

Hi Peggie,

It does not seem to be explicitly forbidden, but my interpretation is that it goes against the spirit of the rules. I would avoid this since students may have received feedback about what they wrote about that topic. I believe there are some questions in the one-pager that have students talk about data input/output/transformation, as well as things like effect/impact of the innovation. It may not be named a “practice performance task”, but it bears a lot of resemblance and allows students to create content and receive feedback that could be (but shouldn’t be) used on their actual performance task.

That’s my interpretation. Realistically, College Board would have no way of knowing, but we teachers have additional responsibilities as proctors in this situation and this would give those students unfair advantage over other students.