Pulse LED returns error "send queue is full."

Link to the project or level: Code.org - App Lab
What I expect to happen: the LEDs on the circuit board to pulse
What actually happens: The LEDs all turn on in a quick sequence and then clicking any other button returns this error: “Error: Send queue is full! More than 512 pending messages.” All other buttons in this program work as expected. It’s as though the pulse is stuck in the loop or it’s asking the processor to do more than it can handle.
What I’ve tried: changing the interval of the pulse. Changing to 1000 helped. It behaved once, and then froze up again.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @koreen.corbett,

I can definitely recreate your error when in blocks mode. I tried a few different things. Here is something odd…I can run your app perfectly fine (including the pulse) when I convert blocks to text mode without an error. Do you want to try that? FYI - my pulse interval is 300.

Because I can run your app fine in text mode, I don’t know what causes the error to generate from blocks mode (for me). If it works for you from text mode, I would reach out to support so they are aware of the issue.


Thank you SO much for noticing that it works in text mode. I tried it and it works! At least there is a work around. I will notify support of the problem in blocks mode.

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