Question about an Animated Screen Unit 3 Lesson 7

I have a student who has project she created for U3L7. She wants her animals (bees, snail, & mouse) and her text to be seen in front of the tree and cloud. I feel it is an order issue, but when I change the order within the project, I get the same result.

Can anyone give me suggestions?


You were on the right track - just not inside of the draw loop. At the top of the program when the student creates the static tree parts ( treebottom, treemid1, treemid2) hose aren’t drawn again so they need to be at the top, then when you create the other sprites they would be on top.

As for the text, the text is tricky because it isn’t a sprite, so if you want the text to be on the very top layer, create it AFTER you use the drawSprites block.

My remix: (I believe this is what you were going for)

Let me know if that helps!

Sorry I never got back with you, but it helped a lot.


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