Questions in Lesson Plan Not In Code Studio

Just checking if it’s just me, or if the questions never made it into code studio. I starred what I believe the answers to be, but wanted to double check!

What does the s in https refer to?
It’s the plural of http - a more robust version of http that runs on multiple channels.
***** s is for “secure” - a version of http that is encrypted.
s is for “simple” - a simplified version of http that runs faster on modern computers
s is for “standard” - to distinguish the original http from non-standard versions like httpv and httpx

When someone tries to get you to give up personal information through email or a bogus website it is called a:
DDoS Attack
*****Phishing Scam
SSL/TLS layer

When someone attempts to compromise a target by flooding it with requests from multiple systems that is called a:
*****DDoS Attack
Phishing Scam
SSL/TLS layer

The vast majority of computer security failures are due to:
Software vulnerabilities
Hardware limitations
*****Human carelessness
Bot Nets

yep. those are the correct answers.

Can I ask what you mean by: "the questions never made it into code studio. "

CSP Team

Thanks! I just meant that these questions are referenced in the lesson plans (as being in Code Studio), but they aren’t there.

Oh I see! Hmm. You’re right. I’ll investigate to see if they were removed from code studio for some reason or just left out. Thanks!


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