Radio buttons & CATS dataset - need help!

Hi All!
I have a student working on the Unit 5 Hackathon who wants to use Radio Buttons with a CATS dataset. He has set the radio buttons each within its own group, and wants the user to be able to choose more than one ‘country of origin’ and have a random country of origin present the material on the following screen of his app. I cannot get my attempts to work. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Here it is with some of the buttons working. He wants to randomize the cats based on their country of origin, but wants the user to be able to choose multiple radio buttons (each has its own group) but have app choose a random one and display the information from the choices the user selected.

Only one radio button can be selected at a time. In order to make multiple selections, check boxes should be used instead of radio buttons.

Thanks. My student placed each button into its own group so he could have the user check multiple options, then placed code for the app to choose a random option chosen to display the information needed.