Reflecting on Summer CS in Science PD


Loved the hands on in person seminars!! nervous about implementing, but also excited.


I think the part that I still need help with is learning which drawers to look in for specific functions but with more practice, this hopefully will become easier. The hands on approach to the PD was great, there was lots of time to experiment on our own and then had some wonderful teachers and classmates that knew more than I did and were able to help out.


I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to the next one. I am working on the implementation and I just need more time to work on setting up models to be able to use the program in a manner that is relevant to the material we are studying in class and also interesting to the students. As with most teachers, the only thing I currently need is a 40 hour day!!


The CS in Science PD has helped me become more compute literate which has helped me as our school makes the transition to 1:1.


This PD was useful. I got familiar with the GUTS interface, and thought about pedagogy for helping students develop coding, critical thinking, and other skills.


I truly enjoy learning new things, but this challenged me greatly. This requires lots of trial and error. It would be helpful to have a buddy or tutor to assist when you get stuck. Sometimes I have no idea how to fix an error that occurs. I have a bit of a phobia showing students this and when things go awry, I can’t help. But I am looking forward to more training and improving my skill set to increase my confidence.


Summer PD gave me more confidence to work with computer science in the science classroom. I look forward to improving my implementation of the program after completing the implementation plan.