Reflection Bubble (Shakespeare) on Code Studio

the bubble to click entitled Reflection:Data Storage has only one question from the activity guide (the salesperson cell phone question)
Please include the Shakespeare question as well.
There is a beautiful irony about data storage/compression and the written word when Shakespeare is involved.


I believe you are referring to Question #2 from the Activity Guide. It could probably made a ‘bubble’ in Code Studio. What do you think, @brook?


Hi @dmm7520 and @anmrobnott,

Thanks for the feedback! I just added a new level with the question on it. It should be live in the next couple days for use in classrooms.


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Hi Dani,
Where do I find answers to short answer questions in each stage? I’m currently wondering where I can find answers to the the two unit 2 stage 1 questions about cell phone and Shakespeare.

Hi Carly,

In the activity answer key it says that a jpg picture is 100 to 1000KB

So 10,000 x 100KB = 1,000,000KB = 1000MB = 1GB so I’m going with yes. A 8GB phone could store 10,000 photos. If they aren’t very high quality.

An ASCII character is 8 bytes per character times 3.5 Million characters = 28 MB.
From the answer key an MP3 is 1 MB per minute

So Shakespeare is bigger than a 4 minute song.

Hope I got those right! Hope it helps and please let me know if I did something wrong.

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I just did this lesson the past two days and I interpreted it differently.

2 - 5 MB per jpg - and (links on activity sheet)
So 2 x 10,000 = 20,000MB or 20GB.

An ASCII character is 1 byte or 8 bits or 3,500,000 bytes or 3.5MB.
MP3 is 1MB per minute so the song is 4MB.

I rushed this lesson thinking all the students would know this already from their smartphones and computers. I discovered that only the students that traditionally sign up for cs classes knew byte conversions. The girls, marching band members, athletes and non-traditional “cs” students did not. I am going to reteach it.