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My name is Wafa. I live in Mississauga,Ontario, Canada. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher and work at a private school. I teach grade 4,5 and 6. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and this is the reason am teaching computers to grade 5. Since I am a teacher and have computer background so I have pretty good reasons to be part of this community!

Besides working full time as a school teacher, I am also studying. I am doing Master of Professional Education, in “Assessment and Evaluation” from Queens University. At the moment I am almost finishing my first course of this program, “Integrated Planning, Instruction, & Assessment”. I must say I have learned so much from this course and enjoyed a lot! During this course, I was working in a group of three. Our group created a Prezi presentation on “Conceptions of Curriculum”, I am sharing this Prezi with you all. Since, most of the people on this forum are teachers, and one of the conception of curriculum is “Technology” I thought that you would find this resource interesting and useful! Please feel free to provide me with your feedback after watching this Prezi,I would love to hear back from you guys.

I have created a new topic here with the name “Resource Sharing”, where we, all teachers, would share our ideas, work and resources with each other. This way we could benefit alot! So, here is the first sharing…from me…Prezi presentation on “Conceptions of Curriculum”.

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Prezi on Conceptions of Curriculum

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