Retaking a Unit Test

Is there a way to have a student retake a unit test? I created a new section and had students join but it carried over their information from the old test. How do I get a clean version of the test for them to take? Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks!

@mgarda Currently, this feature isn’t available. I have passed this on to the curriculum team. Expect a thorough response soon.

Hi @mgarda! There are a few options that could help with this situation. Students can go in an “Unsubmit” their unit assessments (see below)

which will allow them to go back through and change their original answers to the questions. Another option some teachers use is to make a paper copy of the exam and have students complete it that way. Please let me know if these ideas help!


The above is helpful yet it would be helpful to have a pretest copy of it at the beginning of the Unit. My school likes to have pre & post-test grades. Trying to figure out how to set it up. I’ll try the above suggestion and I’m grateful for it. Has a pre-test option been considered?