Scanners in U2L7

I don’t understand why there is the video and slides introducing the Scanner class and the information about libraries and import statements in the materials for Unit 2, Lesson 7. There is nowhere in the code of any level of U2L7 where a Scanner is used. How are students supposed to understand them if they never even see one?

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@matt_s_mclaughlin - Thank you for posting to the forum. I looked through the lesson and agree with you. The Scanner class is introduced, but it is not used in any of the levels. I will reach out to and inquire about this. My initial thought is that the Scanner Class is just being used as an API example. I will verify my hunch and get back to you.

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This is great feedback and I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us. The intention with this lesson was to incorporate the Scanner class & importing libraries in the Investigate & Modify and Skill Building sections of the lesson activity. I have gone ahead and put a plan into place to get those added into the course materials. While it might not help your class in the short term, I anticipate that we will revisit these levels and make the necessary changes soon.

Thanks so much for helping to make our courses be the best that they can be!