Scheduling access to code lessons

Is there any way to schedule student access to code lessons? I am going to be absent from school for a few days and I would like to schedule the student access to several lessons. I do not want to open them ahead of class time, so students will work on them during the class period. Also, this would be helpful in case I am unable to access code when the lessons need to be opened.

Hi @cdeltufo,

That would be a really neat feature. I don’t believe anything like this exists at this time, unfortunately. I don’t recommend giving anyone else your password for them to open it for you, either.

My advice would be to open it early and tell the students to save it for the appropriate class period. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong about an ambitious student choosing to work ahead when they know you aren’t going to be there anyway. Perhaps this will allow them to help their peers in class, or else it will give them more time if they struggle with it.

If you wouldn’t mind, would you please submit this as a feature request? Putting this idea into the queue lets engineers know this is a feature teachers might use & it could show up in future years!

–Michael K.