Self-reflection with Flipgrid

I like to have students present what they have learned. However, we often don’t have time to hear from everyone. I use Flipgrid to assign Exit Ticket reflections and review them later. Flipgrid is an amazing way to record “testimonials” with limitations and can be easily shared with others. In short:

Efficient and easy-to-use
Can be replicated for multiple classes with ease
Built-in rubric option

Requires a less noisy space or headset microphones are needed
Responsible students to avoid inappropriate selfies
Requires a device with a forward-facing camera


One thing I’ve found with Flipgrid is that students assume they have to use the entire time allotted. For example, if the teacher allows 60 seconds for the video, but the student is done sharing information after 15 seconds, the student then tries to fill the remainder of the time with other things. It’s a good idea to share the expectation that they don’t have to fill the time. :slight_smile:

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