Sentence Stems for Brainstorming


Hey all - I posted a question about the brainstorming process in another area of the forums
( in anticipation of this lesson. To summarize that post: are there any suggested sentence-stems that are helpful to focus student brainstorming sessions? My experience with the earlier brainstorming lesson was that students weren’t really sure how specific to be - all of their answers were 1-2 words or overly vague - and I’m looking for resources to help focus those ideas.


I realize its probably a bit late to help your class for this year, but I really like what you’ve been working on with sentence stems and it got me thinking about how I could make it a little more targeted for this part of the unit. I’m just building off of your previous post about sentence stems, so we could do:
Age Range (ex. kids, teens, adults, seniors, etc)
Relationship to Society/Profession (changed a bit from the last lesson so here I’ll be looking for things like: parents, siblings, families, doctors, teachers, students, unemployed, homeless, victims, refugees, etc)
Need (based on previous categories)


@dschneider I just have gone through this lesson with students and I agree many groups had a hard time coming up with specific ideas. I do think that before concentrating on the app idea, it would be good for students to really hone in on who the app is intended to help.

Maybe the idea would be to make combinations of the Age and Relationship category and then come up with something that, for example, teen students would need.