This will be my first year teaching fundamentals, discoveries, and principles. The school where I teach is a University Model meaning students will only come to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We also have a shorter year than most and an extended winter break. Has anyone else had to adjust the scope and sequence due to a unique calendar, or can anyone give me input on units/lessons that are a must to cover and which ones I could possibly remove for time? I should also note that this course is not offered as an AP course. Thank you for any and all input and advice!

I think most of us adjusted to a unique schedule last year.

Fundamentals, Discoveries, and Principles are 3 different classes? AP CSP is the Principles class and it is designed as an AP class. As such it has a curriculum set by someone else. So it covers a lot of topics with a very tight schedule. However, if your class isn’t taking the AP exam, you can remove any topic you want.

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