Set focus on input boxes?

I am really new to App Lab, but have worked in other coding environments. First, an observation about dropdown boxes. They may not behave correctly sometimes and not allow you to click on a choice. When I tried to choose an option, the list disappeared. I logged out of and relogged in. This seem to fix the issue. Now to my question: Surely there is a way to put focus on a specific input box when application starts to run! For properties on controls, I found no ‘tab’ order settings. I think that App lab defaults to the input box first moved over in DESIGN mode. When I tried tabbing or pushing ENTER, behavior is erratic and unpredictable. I am trying to write an application which requires multiple inputs from users. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you Mr. Beal for the time you took in response!

Hello @seymourb! I’m sorry you are experiencing frustration working with App Lab. If you could share the link to your project, we may be able to better understand what’s happening and see if we can provide suggestions and workarounds.

Thank you for replying, Hannah. I have resolved issues with dropdown boxes, etc. and overall going very well! I would like to try my hand using more sophisticated tools than I see available. Is it possible to IMPORT objects, libraries, etc? I need some methods from document. . library, object, class or however you refer to this. Otherwise, if it not possible, can you suggest a way to place the focus on a particular input box or is there a way to dictate tab order for multiple boxes.? My application is solving systems of equations and it works quite well in app lab, but I just need to figure this one about focus out. I tried this one: document.getElementById(‘box1’).focus() which must be a method from the document object. It appears that the compiler (?) will recognize this just fine by print, but it wants to consider that I am trying to declare a variable when running. I did not provide link to my project, because otherwise it is performing very well! It would be nice to add this degree fo functionality.
Thank you so much for any reply or help on this.


Blair k Seymour