Sharing rubrics on schoology?

anybody using schoology this year for CSP and want to share rubrics? post here if you’re interested in sharing in the development and use of rubrics.

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I would like to mooch off other peoples’ rubrics. I invite all to post your rubrics so I can leech off you.


But really, I plan to use rubrics a lot for this course since they have such potential as both strong assessment and feedback tools. But I’m serious about being a mooch…

Yes! I am serious about being a mooch too. :slight_smile: Lets try to set up a Code.Org CSP Group and we can share whatever we end up creating. Who gets to do more mooching will probably depend on our school schedules and how fast we move through the curriculum. My email is if you want to try to find me on Schoology.

Hi there! I know that your original post is a year old. I’m teaching CSP this year, and we use Schoology. Did anyone create & share rubrics last year? Are they available? I’m trying to figure out my grading approach and policies for CSP, and putting rubrics into Schoology isn’t anything I thought about until I read your post.


I will be using Schoology again this year and would like to set up a way for all of us using it to share resources.

I’m not sure what the best way will be. I just put in a help ticket with Schoology about creating a public group.

Do you know the answer? If not maybe you could say “me too” and lets see if they answer.


Hello, everyone! If you are using Schoology, Caroline has found a way to share resources.

Select the “Group” menu, then select “Join” at the bottom of the list. The access code is J49Z6-XRCR4. It’s that easy! We’ll be working on a way to organize our material, but we should be able to share rubrics as well as other resources, saving ourselves the effort of recreating what someone else has already done in Schoology.

Hello everyone!
I am a teacher for LAUSD. I am teaching AP CSP for the first time ( by that I mean I didn’t pilot it last year). I am not very familiar with schoology so what I decided earlier in the semester was to go in the direction of google classrooms. Unfortunately, I was successful implementing nor did I get any support.
Anyways, the main reason I am sharing my thoughts in this blog is because I am confused about the rubric provided on some of the documents available to our students in Correct me If I am wrong. But when I first noticed the rubrics on some of those documents, I thought the rubric was there to help students (guide their conversations / thoughts) write down more clear protocols. Some of my students have communicated that they thought I was going to use it to grade their protocols.
How are you using them?


I don’t grade all the protocols with the rubrics. Sometimes I do but often the daily protocols are more informal process grades that I grade on effort. When I do grade the PTs I do often use the rubric or some variation on it.

I agree. The provided rubrics are there for student use, and I do believe that it improves the quality of their work. I find myself rarely collecting paper from the students. I spend my grading time looking at their online responses. If they did a good job on the classroom activities and thoughtfully followed the rubric, they are pretty likely to have good responses on the questions in Code Studio.

Coming up is the practice PT at the end of Unit 1. For that, I will use a rubric for grading.