Side Scroller Game

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Link to the project or level: [ Game Lab - }
What I expect to happen: [Students is working on the Jumping Conditionals and the conditional to check the highest position of the jump is not working. The moment it reaches a certain value (f.i: bunny.y == 200) it should go down.
What actually happens: [What happens is: when the bunny reaches y position ==200 it continues going up and not down]
What I’ve tried: [I have tried changing the sprite animation, adding different values, using other math to define the highest point of my jump]

Hi @lvieira,

Your bunny’s y position begins at 300 and the velocityY changes by 3 BUT the Boolean states it must be exactly the same as 200 before it can return to the ground. Try a little less restrictive Boolean (bunny.y <= 200). It is also helpful to use console.log(bunny.y); in the code to see why the Boolean may or may not be working.

Good luck!