Side Scroller Mini Project

My student is stuck on their health detection as it is not working properly at this point. Could you take a peek and advise? When the dinosaur touches the fire ball, it should affect the health accurately. There is also a coin glitching out.

Link: - Game Lab

When I start debugging Bulbasaur I see that its collider is way too big.

That’s happening because the sprite takes the width and height from the animation its been set to and the animation “bulbasaur” is way too big.

To fix that you can use the crop tool in Piskel (the sprite animation editor)
Just click on that button and it should fix both problems!

Also consider adding noSmooth() at the beginning of your code: it will make the game look better overall as the Bulbasaur is supposed to be pixelated.

The fireball also should be cropped. That should make the game much more playable!

good luck!