Slides available for U5L09 - including Kahoot!



I have made a presentation for this unit

that includes a Kahoot to gamify the activity sheet - I first made a Google Form Quiz but thought the Kahoot competition will make it more engaging.

The rest of the presentations and quizzes I have done so far can be found in

feel free to use them, make a copy, edit them, distribute, etc. under the CC-BY-NC-SA license imposed by’s curriculum.


THANK YOU so much for sharing this resource. i am not able to open the ‘unit 5 Assessment 1’ document ; does it require separate permission?

If you have resources (particularly assessments) for other units, please consider sharing , if you can!


You are welcome!

The document “unit 5 Assessment 1” requests an account to collect automatically email addresses.
However, I normally include a “Public copy of…” any assessments that I make. Please message me personally to access those, I have been asked to remove them since students have access to this forums.