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I am teaching the CS Discoveries Unit for the first time. I have no training or support from the school system and no one else at my school teaches this.
In my Coding 1 class, we use CS First which has Solution Sheets for the different activities.
Are there ANY solution sheets for CS Discoveries? I have been unable to find any.

Look in the lesson plans, there are many exemplars.
What unit are you starting with?
For example, many of the lessons in the first unit, its not really about the answer as much as discussing the process. If you pivot the conversation towards the process, students seem to forget about “the answer”

hi @mpowens!

I wanted to add to this.
It might be possible that you do not have a verified teacher account if you cannot find the solutions while you are logged in.

Check out this post.

hope that helps!

Thanks for your help.

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