Songwriting (Course 3, Lesson 9) Unplugged

how do you teach the Songwriting unplugged from Course 3? Share your best practices here!

This is a great talk, but if you fast forward to about 20 mins in, Revolva ( has an awesome dance to “Eye of the Tiger” that I think could be integrated into this lesson in a cool way:

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Here’s another idea…All About That Bass by Megan Trainor.

The pdf files for the Songwriting Worksheets and Songwriting Assessment do not open so it is proving difficult to teach this at all! Can you help?

Hmm, that’s odd! We can’t get the problem to reproduce on our end, but if ever a link to a PDF isn’t working, please try opening up the Teacher Guide and everything for each Unplugged Lesson Plan will be there for your use!

~ Happy Coding