U3 Day 3-4; 5 submission Kenya Allen


Here is my submission for this sectionCODE VA ECS 3.pdf (919.3 KB)


Copy of Lessons: I use the Assignment Calendar in order to post assignments for my students

Introducing this lesson to the students was new and fun. I extended the lesson by going to the WC3 School to make students aware of how the correct code is determine, to learn about deprecation, and to introduce Spin Offs of HTML: DTML, XML. We also talked about the different types of programming languages, and what software and languages would be bets for developing a games and apps–this opened up a different type of discussion for the students.

Students coded about their favorite Artist–They had to use bullets, image, songs, quotes, - everything that we had learned in html:
My-Favorite-ArtistStudentSample.docx (12.7 KB)

The most challenging part of the lessons for the students were remembering to close tags. I would not add any additional resources–I felt as though the lesson was well written.



What a fun activity for students to create a webpage about their favorite artist. Do you have any samples of their pages?


Agreed—would love to see this!