U3 Challenge Decision

Please share with the group which lesson you would like to work on and if you would like to have a partner to work with.

Before you post see if there is someone you can team up with. Working together will make this process easier and likely more fun.

I had a hard time adjusting the amount of time each student spent on the individual web activities. Some students would finish them in a day or two others would consistently be a week late. Have others had the same issues? What can I do to keep everyone engaged while keeping the pace manageable?

I have very little experience with HTML so I’m going to do the Beginners section for my Challenge.

I feel comfortable with the earlier lessons that we did in the summer so I am going to focus on Day 8-10: Basic CSS.

I did mine on day 22-25 final unit project.

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I would like to work on day 6-7 with images. I have very little experience with html. and would gladly accept a partner to work with on this challenge.

I will be working on day 8-10 Beginning CSS. I will created various activites to differentiate between inline, embedded CSS.

Hi Antoinett, I would like to partner with you for this lesson.

L. Raines

I plan to work with html and css

I’m not sure which day I’ll focus on, as I’m quite proficient in both HTML and CSS, considering I’ve been designing and teaching the topic for over 16 years. I worked with my class, in spring 2013 and created this website: http://www.adoptarpo.org and have taught several college courses at Ivy Tech, so… While I’ll follow the ECS script, I usually knock out a basic introduction to HTML and CSS in about 2-3 weeks as I don’t spend entire days on just one or two basic HTML tags and let the students run through either W3CSchool or CodeAcademy tutorials.

I will teaching the basic web page structure, along with images, links, and font changes. (Unit 3: Days 3-4, 5, 6-7, and 14)

I want to focus on Day 6-7 inserting images. I am not proficient with this so I will be doing a lot of practice tutorials before I feel comfortable in my lesson. I will also allow the students to work on their own through the process as well

I’m working on the beginner lesson because I don’t know HTML too well…

I did mine on Day 17-19: HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Webpage

I do have this issues too. We have a study hall before school starts and students who need extra time, I have made it a time for them to complete their assignment instead of holding the rest of the class up. You will always have those students who can complete a project pretty quickly…

I plan on doing Unit 3 Days 6-7, Explore image editing for the web using Photoshop or an image editor of choice.

I am thinking of working with the earlier lessons with beginning HTML and/or CSS. I would be glad if there is someone who would like to partner with me.

I have no experience with this section as well. I will be doing the beginners section.

I completed my lesson plan using the Final Project and modified it so that the topic is opened ended.

Unit 3 Final Project

HTML the Beginners section for my Challenge.