U4 Challenge Decision


Please share with the group which lesson you would like to work on and if you would like to have a partner to work with.

Before you post see if there is someone you can team up with. Working together will make this process easier and likely more fun.


I couldn’t see any of the linked documents in the online PD; they all just had the dialogue to request access. As such, I chose the final project to lesson plan, so sorry if that wasn’t an actual option. It can be viewed here.


Thanks for the information. The issue with access to some of the Unit 4 Challenge documents has been reported. Are you able to access the How-To Guide for Online Challenges? It includes several other documents that will support your planning for the final project including a template and a rubric.



I actually like using code.org, recently there was a star wars game that the kids love. For this unit I plan on using the flappy bird application. I am going to have the kids design a level then have them challenge other students. the programming is very similar to sctracth


I will complete lesson 2-3.

Angela Jones Challenge-4PageLessonOverview.docx (25.0 KB)


I plan to use Scratch Name Project.


Scratch Name Project – gives the students some flexibility to be creative but also has some defined parameters to keep them on task.


Scratch star wars game to keep it very current!


I am new to programming and Scratch, so I will do Day 5-6, Moving Sprites.


I will complete the lesson on Moving Sprites: Day 5-6 .


I will complete Day 20-23 Timing Game and have students participate in Arcade Day. (Similar to a gallery walk)


I decided to do the Intro to Scratch lesson.
Intro to Scatch Lesson 1


scratch name project


Day 1 Scratch - Animate Name with game project extensions for Scratch.

Scratch Name and additional projects

Worked with Leah dee Kilgore, Kathy Krohnert, Autumn Sutton, & Marcus Sudderth

Create your name in animated form

Here is the link to our lesson -
Lesson 4 Name & Scratch


This is a cute activity that allows the student to see some animation of their name. You might also let them animate their favorite short saying.

Lesson 4 Name & Scratch


Thanks Leah, adding another option besides using names helps us to expand and give students another choice!


Kathy Krohnert (me), Renee Smith, and Leah Dee Kilgore are intending to work on Programming Day 2-3 Name Project.


I plan to do day 4 knock-knock joke.


Yikes, if I knew this was going to be at the end of this PD I would have not taken so long to do it. As it was I did every lesson as if I was the student, creating my own .sb files along the way. I then used the skills gained to re-write the ECS ver 6 lessons for the students to self pace themselves through as we work, as a class, from one lesson to the next… so I guess it is safe to say that I already did them all as a challenge to myself, being new to Scratch and all. :flushed:

That said I guess the lesson I enjoyed the most was…
Day 18, 19: Rock Paper Scissors
Day 18, 19- Rock Paper Scissors Challenge-1_Page_Lesson_Overview_mhuffine.docx (31.6 KB)