Lesson Plan: Day 2-3 Name Project

I will be teaching Lesson Plan Day 2-3 Scratch- Name Project

Here is my lesson plan for days 2-3.
-Journal: What do you remember about Scratch from yesterday?
What do some of the blocks do? Why are we learning scratch?
-Think pair share your journal entries (partner).
-Pick 4-5 groups to discuss!
-Review the rubric from last class on name project. Show some examples of name projects.
-I will show my students the tutorial again just for review.
-Students will create the name project. Before turning this in, I will walk around the room to make sure they are not rushing.
-I have contests in my class. The top 2 projects will be displayed on the projector and will be rewarded PBIS points( reward system within the school). My students LOVE contests!

-I loved this activity. They show their creativity and enjoy helping each other out.

-I encourage students to bring their own headphones for this.

-Extension activity—I took Katrina dunlaps idea—SUCH A GOOD IDEA! “After every student completed the name activity and shared it with me to critique and give feedback on, I had students come up with any word they wanted to and create an animated Scratch program to bring that word to life, using elements that describe the word itself. For instance, my example was “FOOD” with the word being created and animated with different kinds of foods. The letters also moved into a mouth. This allowed students to have an opportunity to choose their own topic of interest and take it as far as they wanted to. I also gave students an opportunity to share with their peers their creations on the overhead projector. This encouraged students to do their best so they could “show off” their projects to their peers. I found they really liked this, too. However, those who were uncomfortable sharing, were not required to.”

-Feedback: I feel as though this is a good intro to Scratch. I ended letting students who finished early walking around and being the helpers in class. I also had students walk around and look at everyone’s work. They really enjoyed this!

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I really like the extension idea. This is a great idea to give students another opportunity for creativity, choice and differentiation. Letting them choose a word and additional animations are a fantastic intro to scratch.