No Name Lesson Unit 5


I am not planning on using Scratch for this Unit. I am going to use Microsoft Touch Develop. Many of my 8th graders have been exposed to Scratch since they we in elementary school so I want to change things up a little bit for them.


@vasadler, wow, I just checked that out. Looks super cool! Hope that goes well


I just checked it out. It looks like fun. Most of my student have never used Scratch. Coding is new to them, so this might be hard for them. Good luck, I hope it goes well!



If you’re students haven’t ever used Scratch, it can be fun to have the students act out the code, or look at some sample code, similar to the assignment they are tasked with and predict what might happen with the code with an elbow neighbor. There are many resources out there - the online pd -, has some sample videos for each lesson day and some tips and tricks if you need any to refer to…