U3 Challenge Decision


I have chosen Days 3-5 Basic HTML.


I’m still having the same problem as well. I have found that the students that know HTML are eager to share their knowledge of the subject. I allow those students to walk around the room with me to assist their fellow classmates. It has definitely changed the atmosphere in the classroom. Students are conversing more with other students in the class, and not just their friends. I am also using Khan Academy, which provides tutorials, but also challenges that helps the students apply what they learned. Each day, they become more intrigued as they complete the challenges.

In regards to the challenge I chose, i went with Day 17-19: HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Webpage.


Days 3-4 An introduction to basic html so I can focus on how important using a basic text editor is so they understand HTML so they can debug appropriately and doing a storyboard before starting a webpage is good industry practice.


Unit3Challenge-Day3-4.docx (32.2 KB)


I have had a little experience with designing webpages from the multimedia and webpage design class that I taught in the past. I myself had to go back and do a refresher because I could not remember how to get started with setting up the root folder, image folder and pages. It was like learning it all over again.


Same I have little experience…but there are google apps in existence.


HTML the beginner section will be the challenge I have selected.


I will be doing my challenge over day 3-4 because my students have not used html.

Angela Jones Challenge-3PageLessonOverview.docx (25.1 KB)


I will teaching the basic web page structure, along with images, links, and font changes. (Unit 3: Days 3-4, 5, 6-7, and 14)

U3~Challenge-1PageLessonOverviewTemplate.docx (26.9 KB) All About Me Handout.docx (22.2 KB)


Similar situation here, I had some students who I spent more time with and others who were miles ahead in codeacademy. That is why I made the focus of my challenge problem the final website. I wanted to kids to have more ownership of it so I had them make school sub-sites instead. I have some kids working on making our schools AD website, others on creating a “students corner” and other fun stuff.


I am going to team up with @rvordahl and we are going to do Day 6–7: HTML - Images.


I will be working with @ablair on Unit3 Day 6Challenge-3-PageLessonOverviewTemplate.docx (25.8 KB)


Using peer instruction is an effective strategy for meeting the needs of all students. I also like the idea of students using their design skills to serve the community while still have choice. Great idea!



Unit 3 - Lesson – Day 3-4: html

Students will learn the basic html tags and how to use them in developing a simple webpage. Students will enhance their web design by adding images, hyperlinks, animations, colors,etc.

Lesson Summary
-Journal Entry – What do you know about html?
_Students will complete the online HTML tutorial, http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_into.asp
_Students will use the try it yourself button in the tutorial to assist in understanding the structure, content and format tags.

CS Content
Students will use inquiry and critical thinking skills to create a story board that will be converted into HTML source codes to develop a webpage. All students will have access to handouts, tutorials and discussions.

Students will be able to:
_Use HTML Tags to create a basic web page
_Enhance web page using images, hyperlinks, color, background, etc.

-Materials and Prep
Instructional Days 3-7. Multiple activities and tutorial videos, handouts, discussions and tag quizzes.
Resources - computer

Code Studio - The Hour of Code

Video: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_examples.asp

Assessments “Try it Yourself” and Basic HTML Tag Notes Quiz
(919) 742-6138

This is the only way that I could get this posted. Tried it in unit2 and was able to do it, but it did not work for unit 3.


I would like to teach Unit 3: Days 3-4 to teach students the basic structure of web pages. I would love to see the creativity as students create their own web pages after seeing multiple examples and working through the unit.

In this students will be introduced to basic html and html as a new language. How can I get the students to “buy in” to drawing it out before starting on the computer? How do I explain html?



I’m doing the Basic HTML lesson.


Sorry to hear you had difficulty posting your work. Was the upload button causing the problem?



I’m doing the basic hyperlink lesson/


My experience with HTML is minimal so I am going to teach a lesson on basic HTML from days 3-5.



I am Irvin Hall from Hampton City Schools, are you still looking for a partner? I was looking at CSS because I do not know much about it. I can do the beginning HTML if you would like.