Unit 3: Day3-4 Addressing Elements of Student Life: HTML, Storyboard Project

3.3-4StoryboardHTML.docx (7.4 KB)
My students as part of their competencies for VA need to address elements of student life so I combined them both into this project! They got to choose an industry or organization to do the research on.

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@penelope_spanos I really leve your idea. Can I share it with one Teacher from My School That teach HTML?
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing. Anytime to you connect what they are doing in class and their life outside of school or with their community, it has more impact.

One of the resources I found most helpful and useful to my students during this lesson was using codeacademy’s HTML and CSS lessons. It allowed those who were struggling to get some extra practice and helps and those were a little more advanced to move onto advanced concepts.


Completely agree! I also gave a little extra credit if the students took screenshots of their “streaks”, meaning the number of days coding in a row. I gave points for every 5 days and a certain number of points (to prove they were actually working and not just logging on).