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Does anyone have any resources that would be school filter friendly to acquire sound?

Would the students be able to access sounds from their cell phones? Or google the sound you are looking for “frog sound” and several sites pop up with wav,. mp3, etc.

You can try - I think uses one from here for the “Poke the Pig” app you can remix as a demo.


The Clip Archive

Find Sounds

Sound Bible

Game Theme Songs

I have a free account at Easy to search, loads and loads of sounds. When students need a particular sound, I download it to a shared network folder. Over the years I’ve built up a few thousand sound effect files. JR

Just wondering if you could give me more details on how you did this. Seems that the problem with game lab is you need a website address with a particular sound which I can’t seem to get from the general sound sites so me saving them to a network folder sounds good but what do you use? Something like dropbox? I don’t think google drive will work(will it?)
With this idea, I believe, you could even have kids record their own sounds to upload and use.

You can upload sound files directly to Game Lab from the sound library or asset manager. From the playSound block click the dropdown and select “Choose…”

Once you’re in the sound library, click the My Files tab and upload your sound file.

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I didn’t see this at all! Didn’t know there was a library and didn’t know about the upload.

The kids will love this(although all the sounds going off in my room may drive me insane)

Josh, you’ve saved me again!