Specific Supplementary Authorization for Computer Science

Hi everyone. Does anyone have any program recommendations for a Specific Supplementary Authorization for Computer Science that I could add to my Foundational Mathematics Credential in California? I know it’s a very specific question, but I thought I’d throw it out there. I’ve taught CSP for 6 years now, but unfortunately my Foundational Math Credential doesn’t allow me to have it officially as an A.P. course in my district. However, I’d be interested in a program that gives me the chance to offer CSP and possibly CSA as A.P. courses.

In the research I’ve done so far, I see some variation from program to program as far as coursework, and I’d want to make sure I select a program that best fits what we do in code.org’s CS Principles as well as CS A courses. Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Hi @Gince,

I’m not a CA resident so I don’t know much, but might be able to put you in contact with folks who do. What part of the state you in?