Standards Based Grading Proficiency Scales

Is there anyone that does standards based grading at their school and has priority standards and proficiency scales for Unit 2 Web Development and Unit 3 Interactive Animations and Games?

I am really struggling because I feel like the standards from CSTA and my state are both too broad. For example, when I think of my Web Design class, the main goal is to make a website using HTML and style a website using CSS. There is no standard for that.

I really appreciate seeing your curriculum documents because i think that will help me the most.

Hi @deboltbrittany,

I hope others with more experience in standards based grading respond with helpful information. I do want to share the standards alignment document for unit 2 if you have not already found it. It does a really clear job of aligning the CSTA standards to the lesson in CSD. These would then be tied to the rubrics for each project. Although the proficiency scale is not on the document, it might be good place to start. FYI, there is one for unit 3 as well in Teacher Resources on the unit overview page.

Again, you may have already found that document. Also, if you haven’t tried this one as well, search the forum for standards based grading as there have been many posts.

Good luck!
~Michelle Lynn

Yes! I love that document! It is very helpful! I still just don’t love the wording of those standards since they are broad to allow for different languages to be used in classes. When I’ve done searches before I didn’t find quite what I was looking for.