CSD Proficiency Scales

Does anyone have any examples of proficiency scales linked to the standards in CSD?

Welcome to the forum @dbradow!

I am not aware of proficiency scales for CSD standards. I am sure you are familiar with the standards alignment document - the bottom half shows the direct alignment with the CSTA standard but does not provide a scale of any type. Can you give more information on how you would use the proficiency scale? It might help forum members answer your question.


Hi Michelle~ Yes, my district is standards based grading so I am looking for scales that link the standards to levels of proficiency (1-3).

For standards based grading, I use the assessment level’s (Ex: Unit 2, Lesson 2, Activity 7) evaluation rubric where convincing evidence = 3 and extensive evidence = 4 in the Key Concept section. I do the same for the rubrics. Perhaps you have tried this but there are some interesting posts in the forum if you search “standards based grading”.

However, I believe you are referring to Marzano’s Levels of Proficiency. I am not familiar with any alignment for that for CSD standards. Perhaps others can give suggestions or advice.