Stats view vs Progress view


I’ve been using stats data view to show students’ progress in each activity on our website. However what I’ve found is that the stats’ tab ‘completed levels’ column ( doesn’t reflect what progress tab is showing ( . Should the stats ‘completed level’ show the same what progress tab is showing? if not, what does the ‘completed levels’ column in the stats mean?

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Not necessarily… I think the “completed levels” means ALL of the possible levels (like maybe even things they did in school or at home, even during hour of code some other time). For example, even though I’ve only had my students for 4 weeks, some students have 200 “levels completed” but they only have a few “levels” completed in MY course (in AP CSP). Let me check with the curriculum writers and see what they say, but that is my initial guess.

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Hi Kaitie,

So the completed levels in stats can be higher than the actual levels you can accomplish in the activity? I’ve been using the stats data for progress activity for our students at our coding club to display their progress The completed levels which I’m trying to get from the stats sometimes are higher than the highest completed level achievable in a particular activity. The students can follow these exercises at home too, but it is confusing looking at stats to see that they completed more levels than there are to complete. I guess it might be counting the completed level again if a student does it again.

Thank you so much for your explanation and sharing your experience.

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Katie is correct that the stats page includes levels completed in any tutorial or course on the website. So if your students have done any hour of code materials in addition to say CSP or CS Discoveries it will show all the total levels there.

Hope that helps!