Stop all sounds

On the resource page for stopSound() it states: “Stops playing the MP3 sound file from the specified URL, or stops all sounds if no URL is given.” However when testing the no url to stop all sounds it does not run properly. It states there is a missing parameter for stopSound().


Can you share a link to the project with us so we can look at it closer?

I’m updating my response as I believe I have been able to duplicate your problem.

In order to leave it without a URL, you either need to click on the right arrow, so there are no parameters and it looks like this:
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 2.36.11 PM

OR, you can leave quotation marks inside the parenthesis like this:
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 2.36.55 PM

However, if you add the block and don’t choose a sound to stop or if you have a sound in there and delete it completely including quotation marks, you will get a parameter error, so I think the best solution is to click the right arrow (as you can see in the 2nd image above) and make it look like the first block.

If this doesn’t help solve your problem, please reach out again with a shared link to your project.



Thank you, that solved my problem! Clicking the right arrow stopped all sound, but with just quotation marks did not.