Student having trouble with Classes

One of my students is trying to create a class to make the CC image small on his web site. He wants it to be a little icon at the bottom. He copied code from a site to add to his page. He is now trying to add a class to it to make it smaller. It will not work. I attached his css sheet and html code along with a picture of the image size.

Try the class inside the img tag. I assume your applying it there instead of the link.



I agree with Marx below/above depending on where this post ends up, the a tag is for hyperlinks (anchor) and the img tag is for images. Another issue that might come up is the pixel width in the .credit class - it’s 500px width so the image will be short and very stout.

I love how students are finding these things to add to their websites and it sounds like you are playing a great “lead learner” to seek out answers to questions you don’t know!