Student is unable to access data files for CSP Unit 5, Lesson 8

I have opened up Lesson 8 for students to begin accessing data files, but my student gets an error message that ‘the teacher was not expecting you to be at this point’.

Am I missing something?

Hi @rhorton,

Is this issue only affecting one student, or is it affecting the entire class? If it’s the whole class, I would verify that you have opened up the correct year’s version of the lesson for them. The URL should say “2023” for the most current version.

If it’s only one student, I would have them sign out and sign back in. Is it possible they were in a different teacher’s section of the course in a different year and are using that account accidentally?

If these steps don’t solve it, I would file a support ticket here. Be sure to include the email addresses associated with the both of your accounts, as well as the exact lesson you are trying to assign.

Please update us here when you find a resolution to the problem so the next person who encounters it knows what to do!

Michael K.

Hi Michael,
The student had the same issue show up on different days last week, and is currently the only student who is on this lesson. (She is ahead of schedule!)
I verified that the class was open, in the correct year, hid the lesson and then reopened it, with the same error message. I will not have the student in class until Tuesday, so we will investigate then!

Thanks for your help!
Rich Horton
Gaston Jr/Sr High School
Gaston, Oregon

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