Student Learning Goal

My administration wants me to come up with a student learning goal (SLG) for the CSD curriculum. Last year I used the Unit 2 project, but they want something that shows growth throughout the curriculum. Any ideas? I am stuck here. Thanks

Hi @dominnr, great question!

This curriculum is great because it can be implemented in a variety of ways – as its own one-year standalone course, two semester-long segments, etc. Therefore the SLGs for your school will look a little different than those for another school following a different implementation.

If you look at the first few pages of the Curriculum Guide, you will see that each unit has its own objective laid out. You may wish to look at those in order to pick & choose the ones that fit how you’re going to be using this curriculum in your classroom.

Can you maybe share how you’re going to implement the course, and then others will be able to weigh in with what they’ve done?

Hope that helps!
–Michael K.

Hi Michael, thank you for your response. My classes are only for one semester so I have to make a lot of adjustments. I am putting into practice this year’s implementations based
on last year’s outcomes. Instead of skipping units, I am condensing the lessons
and adjusting the activity guides accordingly. I’ve also seen that there is a pilot program out there. I haven’t really seen much change on the 19/20 curriculum. Do you know anything about that?

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The changes for the 19-20 curriculum have a lot to do with the addition of the assessments. The pilot program hasn’t gone public yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next too.
Are you planning to implement units 1-3 in your semester class? That might help narrow down the SLGs. I’m wondering too if your SLGs need to be aligned with any specific standards. Does your state have standards or are you using the ISTE or CSTA standards? That might help too. It really sounds like you’re doing some great stuff with your students!

If anyone is interested in knowing more about what we are piloting, please contact me. You can also read more in this forum post: The pilot curriculum is now available


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Hi dominnr,

Me too! I need to write the SLGs for my school.
Just about to look through all the Units objectives and see if I can create something from it.