Student using title tag and title not displaying in code studio

I have a student using the title tag in code studio, but it doesn’t show the title. Is this something that should work in code studio?

I’m no expert on this, but isn’t that part of the metadata in the ? If so, then it shouldn’t be seen on the preview section. (I had to look it up on W3Schools). Not sure if this helps.

Hi @efarrow,

As @edavis mentioned the title tag is meta data. It will not show up the body of your web page. It actually shows up on the Tab in the web browswer. Check out this example I made which is super simple but I have a title tag with “My Page” check out how it shows up on the tab.

If students want to put big text as the “title” or heading of their page they should use the h1, h2… tags.