<title> on Rubric

The 2019/20 Rubric states they need to have the tag but it’s not on our tag list we have done. Did I miss it in a specific lesson or do I just have students type it in?


I have not seen a specific mention of in any lessons, either. I do know it is within the tags, and it changes the name of the tab at the top of the web browser. I did teacher a couple of my sections that as a side note, but it didn’t come up in all of my sections: this is something I will be mentioning next go-around. Happy coding!

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The rubric needs to be updated. It used to be in the instruction, but I believe they removed it because it was confusing for some students that the <title> doesn’t show up on the page in Web Lab. It does typically show up in the tab in a regular browser, but with web lab being a teaching tool and not a real browser, students can’t verify that using that tag works, although I still teach it in my class. You could still teach that to the students and/or leave it out.