Submit bubbles that turn purple

Is there a list somewhere of which bubbles are submitted by the student and turn purple?

As a teacher planning ahead for each lesson, it would be helpful to know which bubbles have a Submit button rather than just the Next button. On my dashboard the bubbles turn purple after the students submit them. We can do the bubbles ourselves and then find them but it would be helpful to have the Submit bubbles listed in the lesson plans as well. I use the submitted bubbles for grades.



Completely agree. We’ll poke around and try to find something, in the meantime have you been marking which ones and maybe we could share a Google Doc that the community could add to?


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I like this idea too. I think it would be cool if the submitted work went somewhere special too.

Great idea! Maybe they could just turn a different color?

I’ve been creating little grading checklist for the submit bubbles. They’ve made it easier for me to remember which bubble(s) to check and what to look for. It’s also easy to give each kid their little square that shows why they rec’d the grade they did. I give them the opportunity to try again and be regraded. They just return the paper so I can see which bubbles to check and what I need to review.

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I am in the middle of my CS Disco course and I thought this would be a good resource too. This links to a google doc where we can assemble a list of the different bubble types throughout the curriculum. I will hopefully have this document filled before the beginning of the school year, but if you are interested in adding to it feel free to request access!

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Thank you for sharing this resource. Please keep sharing.