Summer Reading/ Assignments

Does anyone have a suggestion for Summer Reading or assignments for AP Computer Science Principles?

I assigned my students the first 6 programming lessons in unit 3 (lesson 4-9). That way, when were arrive at school in September, they will be ready for the group programming project in lesson 10.

If you want a copy of my summer assignment I typed up, I’d be happy to share! Message me.

I would love a copy if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

Thanks for the offer I am going to have them do the 20 hour accelerated course over the summer

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I have my students read the first three chapters of Blown to Bits and do an Explore type assignment where they make some type of digital artifact based on any point in the reading. Additionally, if students have not taken any programming or Comp Sci they have to do the 20 hour course,

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summer assignmt handout.pdf (54.3 KB)

I have them watch the algorthms documentary on Netflix and also remix flappy bird from


I was hesitant to suggest many of these titles but I put my trust in a pair of parents I know.
Both are intelligent people, one who happens to be a Librarian in charge of student reading programs and the other a CS Professional.


@dmm7520 How do students utilize this list? Is it just a suggested reading, or do you have assignments to go along with it?

This is my first year with the list, and it is in the midst of LMS changeover (so there was an interruption in communication)
I intended to have them do a Flash Talk on their reading. Very loose on the topic choice. No need to summarize a novel.

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Would you be willing to share the questions that you assign for the algorithm documentary? I have been showing it to a variety of classes, but this will be the first I show it for AP CS P.

Thank you.

algorithm video Qs.docx (93.1 KB)

Let me know if you can’t open this. I exported from google doc to word and uploaded all on my phone, hopefully nothing got lost in the translation.

I’m looking for summer assignment ideas and saw this post. What is the 20 hour course?

The 20 Hour Course is also offered by and is a great way to introduce programming to students who have not yet done any. It really only takes a few hours for a high school student to do. Not sure if this will
work but I will try to attach my assignment here.

AP Computer Science Princples 2017-18.doc (46.5 KB)

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